Custom Tours

DaVinci Custom Travel & Tours is like a tailor of fine suits who makes sure every stitch and seam is sewn precisely for you. While some travelers may be satisfied with “buying off the rack”, we understand that our travelers require more… deserve better. Experience the luxury of custom travel through meticulously crafted tours of Italy. See the Italy that only the Italians know, not the Italy the casual tourist sees. For those with discriminating taste, we can make perfection your reality. We will come to you to show you how personalized luxury custom travel can be with DaVinci Custom Travel & Tours.

Your Custom Itinerary

DaVinci Custom Travel & Tours provides each of its clients with a custom travel itinerary, outlining the entire trip to assure the most complete experience in Italy. Each travel itinerary gives a morning, noon, afternoon and evening outline of that day’s scheduled activities as selected by the traveler, as well as recommended dining, shopping, art and events to fill in any open time during the day. The travel itinerary will be available in advance so that the traveler may research additional info about each day through web links and details provided by Peter D’Attoma himself. The travel itinerary even provides a practical “special notes” section, anticipating those small details to enhance your experience in Italy.